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Guitar- John Pelosi
Vocals- Michael Ferfolia, Dia
Drums & Percussion- Mark Kelso

Composed, Arranged & Recorded: John Pelosi
Mixed & Mastered- Steve Major

“ Va Bene - Breathing In The Sun “ is the first part of my most recent composition. “ Va Bene “ is the gateway into “ Breathing In The Sun “ . To explain the title, I reveal to you a small window that looks into my heart. The phrase “ va bene ” has a deep personal significance to me. These words are a common response of agreement in Italian or more simply, it can mean - “ all is well ”. Having heard those words spoken almost every day over the course of my life, the sound of the phrase has seemed to offer an endless beginning, an acceptance or an opening into something new again...

The idea of Breathing in the Sun as a title came to me on one of my early morning walks through the beautiful green countryside of the Caledon Hills. I would often think that to breathe in the sun, one breathes in creation... With this particular composition I really want to explore a different path from what I've done in the past. One of my main ideas is to present the guitar, acoustic/electric in the center of a wider arrangement of instrumentation. The entire composition will be almost one hour in length. As I finish each section I’ll make it available here on my site. Though this is only the first eighteen minutes, and much more to come, and though a lot of work lies ahead, I'm pleased with the story it tells so far... If you would like to purchase “ Va Bene- Breathing In The Sun “ from this site, using the paypal link, ensures almost all the funds are received by the artist. Upon notification of funds deposited to the paypal account you will receive a secure email link via We Transfer, so that you can download the work in a full bandwidth wav. file.

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