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Guitar Lessons

In guitar lessons for advanced students guitar instruction covers a much broader range of subjects and objectives.

Many of these students are also pursuing admission to an arts high school or also admission to a college or university for music as a vocation. Lesson plans can focus on important musical elements such as the development of repertoire, use of scales and arpeggios in improvisation, advanced chord knowledge, harmony and theory, ear training, developing technique, and composing concepts etc... I also place great importance with applying these concepts during a lesson in a musically relevant scenario. The scenario can be a performance piece in preparation for an audition or a jazz standard we are studying, or also playing along with a sequenced groove that is illuminating a specific subject or style. I like to use midi sequencers and other software (Mac/Logic/DP/ Sibelius) in most  lessons because it creates greater interaction. Especially with intermediate and advanced students. Cultivating good practice habits means knowing what to work on and how to work on it.  This is essential to an individuals progress.