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The Guitar Arts Studio

Located in Bolton Ontario, founded by internationally renowned guitarist, composer and guitar instructor John Pelosi 

John Pelosi says "I really enjoy teaching...In my life I've had the great fortune to have played and studied with some of the world's greatest guitarists and musicians, I feel honoured to share my knowledge and experiences with students learning to play guitar, be they beginners or advanced students seeking a career in music."... "My sole aim and philosophy of "The Guitar Arts Studio" is to teach students how to think in the language that is music. The guitar is outside, the music is inside. Thinking of music as a language helps people individualize the way they learn and more importantly apply musical concepts in a unique way. I feel it is a path that leads to more meaningful and expressive musical interactions. Especially important for people beginning to learn music. Regarding more advanced players, because they have been playing for several more years they are usually "trying to put it all together". A common goal is that they interact well in varied musical situations. Often I help them to work towards resolutions and perhaps cultivate a diverse body of work to study, so that their musical vocabulary is always growing. I also strongly believe in maintaining a modern and professionally equipped studio utilizing the latest in musical technology, greatly enhancing a student's music lesson experience, ensuring the ability to reflect the diversity of todays broad musical community. This could mean playing along with sequenced grooves and rhythm tracks of different styles and genres or filming and recording parts of the lesson. Though I strive to make guitar lessons fun and enjoyable, it's important to work on the the things that bear the best fruit.

The following is a general list of some of the essential subjects I strongly promote (especially for beginners taking guitar lessons) in view of their far reaching benefits in forming the cornerstone of a strong musical identity:

1) Reading Music Notation( has to be No. 1)
2) Learning Songs (from beginning to end)
3) Chord Shapes for Rhythm Accompagnement
4) Music Theory / Improvisation / Repertoire /PracticeTechniques
5) Technical Skills  etc...